• I keep fantasizing about Toph’s return.

    I keep fantasizing about Toph's return.

    I keep fantasizing about Toph.

  • morphmaker:

    Mamma Mia, Lin!

    Every burning question will be answered next season…through the joyous lyrics of ABBA!

    (Plotline has been stolen entirely from the movie/musical Mamma Mia! )

    I KNEW IT!! I KNEW IIIIITTT!!!! I was a season off, but it’s all coming true… 

  • I feel like Rachel could turn this situation into a weaponized advantage. An eyepatch would be cool, too. 

  • Cue clothes shopping montage!

  • My thoughts are with Helena this week.

  • Welcome to the hippie lab.

  • Just casually bringing this panel back because it turned out to be the most accurate prediction in this whole comic I drew from a month ago. 

  • More Steven Universe on whiteboard.

I recently completed my Master’s thesis and am defending it tomorrow. It’s an animated web series about sociologist Erving Goffman’s theories. He analyzed small mundane interactions and incorporated them into a larger sociological framework. I decided to reboot some of his examples to include stories about secret Tumblr blogs and loud cellphone talkers. Over the past two years I’ve produced seven episodes of Erving Goffman and You. If you’re interested, all of the episodes are now live at: www.ervinggoffmanandyou.com