• Korra on the brain.

  • Legend of Korra alternate universe sketches

Remember that time Paul Reubens was on 30 Rock?


  • I keep fantasizing about Toph’s return.

    I keep fantasizing about Toph's return.

    I keep fantasizing about Toph.

  • morphmaker:

    Mamma Mia, Lin!

    Every burning question will be answered next season…through the joyous lyrics of ABBA!

    (Plotline has been stolen entirely from the movie/musical Mamma Mia! )

    I KNEW IT!! I KNEW IIIIITTT!!!! I was a season off, but it’s all coming true… 

  • I feel like Rachel could turn this situation into a weaponized advantage. An eyepatch would be cool, too. 

  • Cue clothes shopping montage!

  • My thoughts are with Helena this week.

  • Welcome to the hippie lab.